Below are some the answers to some common questions we have received in the past. If you have any other concerns or questions about Chiropractic or visiting Moose Hall, please get in touch.

Does it hurt?

Adjustments are not painful, but may feel strange the first couple of times or cause some slight discomfort. Many Moose Hall patients enjoy the feeling of being adjusted. After your adjustments, you may notice a feeling of soreness. This is usually very mild and will pass in a few days. Your chiropractor may recommend that you perform certain stretches or ice the area following your appointment.

Am i too old?

No! At Moose Hall, we regularly treat patients who are are of older generations. We love helping ensure that all our patients are able to move well and get the most out of their lives, no matter what age they are!

Is it safe?

Chiropractic treatments are generally very safe when performed by a well trained, registered Chiropractor. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all Moose Hall Chiropractors are GCC registered and have many years experience. 

How many sessions will i need?

The number of sessions recommended as part of a patient’s initial care plan will based on their individual goals and needs. At Moose Hall, we are strong believers in the power of Chiropractic care as a tool to assist with prevention of pain and injuries, not just as a fix. We will often recommend that our clients visit regularly on an ongoing basis in order to address any pain or injuries, as well as helping them reach and maintain optimal health. Read more about the Moose Hall philosophy. 

Can Chiropractic help my Arthritis?

At Moose Hall we see patients with both Osteoarthritis and other inflammatory types of Arthritis.  Many people find that their symptoms reduce and their mobility improves when they receive regular treatments. We cannot cure Arthritis, but the techniques we use and advice we offer may help ease the effects of it. Read more on our blog.

Is it safe to have adjustments during pregnancy?

At Moose Hall, we support many women throughout their pregnancy. As well as helping to relieving aches and pains associated with pregnancy, Chiropractic adjustments may help assist your body in preparing for delivery. Read more about Chiropractic during pregnancy.

Is it safe for my children have adjustments?

We regularly have babies and children visiting Moose Hall for check overs and treatments. We always carry out a thorough history and examination before proceeding with any treatment. Read more about Chiropractic care for babies & children.

Do i have to get undressed for the initial consultation or for adjustments?

You will remain fully clothed throughout all your visits to Moose Hall. We recommend that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that do not restrict your movement.