Chiropractic Treatments for Babies & Children


Babies and children have spines and a nervous system, just like adults! During the years that their bodies are growing and developing, Chiropractic can help to ensure that everything is aligned and working as it should be. The nervous system plays a part in every process that happens in the body. It is crucial for absorbing information and learning new skills, so it’s incredibly important to keep it healthy and functioning well.

At Moose Hall Chiropractic we regularly have babies and children attend for check overs and treatments. We always carry out a thorough history and examination before proceeding with any treatment.

During a treatment, we examine the spine for any signs of misalignment or restriction. We can then gently correct these using gentle, painless treatment techniques often involving just the fingertips. 

Chiropractic for Babies:

Although we do not treat conditions specifically, as practitioners we have seen babies with a wide range of symptoms, including colic, feeding difficulties, sleep difficulties, digestive issues and general unsettledness. When a baby is first born it has often been through some degree of birth trauma, it can often give parents peace of mind just to have the spine checked. 

Chiropractic for Children & Teenagers:

Children’s spines may become misaligned due to a fall, bump or just as a result of daily life – particularly given the amount of time that many children and teenagers now spend looking at screens! By taking children to a Chiropractor whilst they are still growing and developing, you can ensure that spine and nervous system are able to grow properly early on and prevent issues and pain as they grow older.

Hayley a patient at Moose Hall said – “II received treatment from Sam throughout my pregnancy it made sense to then bring in my new born Charlie for a check over especially as he had some colic like symptoms. He responded so quickly and just became much more settled. Now at 6 months he’s healthy and happy and I still bring him in with me for some gentle adjustments, he smiles and seems to be completely relaxed”

If you are unsure about bringing your child to see us or have any questions, feel free to pop into the clinic or give us a call for a chat. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you have and give you more insights into the ways we may be able to help your child.

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Below is some of the latest research around chiropractic for babies & children.

A quick look at the literature yields five randomised controlled trials (1-3) and a Cochrane review (4) all showing efficacy of manual treatment for infant colic with little adverse effect. In addition, the Cochrane review found that there was a significant improvement in sleep times. Finally, in the last few years there has been a number of studies showing efficacy for chiropractic care improving breastfeeding rates (5-7) as well as increased cooperation between chiropractors and other neo-natal healthcare providers (8). 

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