Chiropractic During Pregnancy


Many women turn to Chiropractic to support their journey through pregnancy. 

Whether you received treatments prior to conceiving or are new to Chiropractic, it is safe and may be highly beneficial to visit a Chiropractor throughout all three trimesters. As well as relieving any aches and pains associated with pregnancy, our Chiropractors can help you to ensure that your body is prepared for delivery, as well as supporting you through your post-labour recovery. 

Please ensure that you consult your doctor prior to coming to see us for your first pregnancy treatment 

Katie, a patient at Moose Hall said – “I’ve been seeing Sam since 21 weeks of pregnancy after suffering terribly with pelvic pain. All I can say is thank goodness I was recommended Sam and chiropractic treatment as quite frankly, she’s created miracles! I was unable to walk freely or move without excruciating pain prior to my first visit. After a thorough consultation with Sam and a few adjustments, she had transformed how I was feeling. I’ve been seeing Sam on a weekly basis and each session has allowed me to leave feeling even more comfortable. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have meant that I can enjoy this special time again and run around after my daughter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone experiencing pain during their pregnancy.”


If you have any questions about Chiropractic during pregnancy, or would like to book in for a consultation, call us on 01275 409949 or get in touch.