What is Chiropractic Maintenance?


Patients often ask us “Do I need to see a Chiropractor forever?” The answer is no!

We have many patients who only choose to come and see us when they are in pain or have a niggle. However, others choose to continue longer term treatment even after their initial symptoms have gone when they realise the ways Chiropractic can help them look after themselves and stay healthy.

At Moose Hall, we promote ongoing Maintenance Care, as we believe it can be a positive way for people to look after their spine, nervous system and overall health.

When most people first come to see us it’s because they are experiencing pain or other symptoms. We use Chiropractic care to help to reduce and eliminate these physical symptoms; but this isn’t where treatment has to end.

Most symptoms arise because of a build up of an underlying problem. If we only treat patients when the symptoms are present, we aren’t really able to address the underlying problem. When we feel a patient has reached their optimum health, we will encourage them to continue maintenance treatment in order for them to stay this way! Not only to prevent problems reoccurring, but also to keep everything working as it should be. This allows people to stay well and get the most out of their lives.

The regularity of maintenance adjustments will depend on the individual, but on average we encourage adjustments once a month. Our hope is that people coming in for maintenance adjustments will already be feeling well, as this is the best way to be and stay!

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