What our client’s say…


“i can’t recommend chiropractic highly enough”

“Massive thanks to Matt at Moose Hall Chiropractic for helping me during my rehabilitation period. Regular adjustments have improved my sleep and overall mobility. I can’t recommend Chiropractic highly enough to help facilitate a healthier mind and body.”


“Sam is brilliant - friendly, approachable and makes your back feel amazing”

“I discovered the amazing Sam and have been visiting Moose Hall for several months. I absolutely love the sessions which have left me feeling ten foot taller (I wish!!), much less pain and exercises to do at home to help the recovery. It's great to now understand the problem and the workings of the spine. Sam is brilliant - friendly, approachable and makes your back feel amazing. I would strongly recommend going and am just thankful that I discovered her and Moose Hall.”

“The results have been incredible.”

I can't thank Sam enough for the work she did on my back. After an excessively painful end of pregnancy and being unable to walk afterwards, it left me very debilitated with a newborn and toddler to look after.  Sam took the time to quickly find me an appointment and the results have been incredible. I'm now able to walk and be out with my family. I honestly don't know what I would have done without the treatment. Thank you so much


“I started to sleep better, i could sit and be pain free”

“As the weeks went by, I started to sleep better, I could sit and be pain free, I could return to cycling (albeit badly!!) and I was medication free. Don’t be afraid, it really doesn’t hurt!”

“A great guy who is also very knowledgeable in his craft.”

I’ve started seeing Matt for adjustments and it’s safe to say it’s had a massive effect on my everyday health and well being and vastly improved the quality of movement and muscle activation throughout my body. A great guy who is also very knowledgeable in his craft - I have no doubt in my mind that I will continue visiting him at Moose Hall.


“I love coming to see the back doctor”

“I love coming to see the back doctor like mummy and daddy do. The adjustments make me strong”

“I’m delighted to report that the treatment…has cured me of the persistent pain & transformed my sleep”

A very good friend made an appointment for me to see Sam for assessment, telling me to get myself there and not make excuses! Truthfully I was a little sceptical, as my wife had received poor treatment at a Chiro in Bristol many years previously. Sam was polite and very professional. Then to my surprise she identified two problem areas during my assessment, one of which was my hip leading to referred pain in my lower back. Unlikely as this seemed, i’m delighted to report that the treatment that followed has cured me of the persistent pain and transformed my sleep. I now have regular maintenance appointments and intend to do so indefinitely, as Sam is now also working wonders helping my recovery from major surgery.


“My only regret is not seeing a chiropractor sooner!”

“The last eight weeks have seen me run some of the most pain free miles ever. I’ve been able to feel my left leg actually doing some work during a run and there has been noticeably less pain post run, and in some cases no pain at all. The icing on the cake was last week when I was told by the same person that noticed I was running ‘wonky’, that there was a visible difference in my posture. As an added bonus, Sam has also worked on my neck and shoulders which, probably due to being tied to a desk most days, were almost always stiff. As a result, I am having less headaches now and have a much better range of movement, which no doubt is also helping with my overall posture. My only regret is not seeing a chiropractor sooner!”


“I’m feeling much better now”

“Many thanks to Matt and the team for easing the pains in my right shoulder and right glute, I’m feeling much better now”

I have had treatment from Matt for over 4 years and I have never looked back.

“I have had treatment from Matt for over 4 years and I have never looked back. Being in the trade I am lifting things all of the time and Matt sorted my back after years of pain and pain killers from the doctor he even sorts my shoulder and is really easy to talk to and get on with compared to other chiropractors I have been to.”


“I have regular adjustments that keep my body in check”

“I am incredibly lucky to have Matt Smith and Moose Hall Clinic supporting me through my training. As a competitive athlete I put my body through a lot and need it functioning as best as it can for as long as possible. I have regular adjustments that keep my body in check and allow muscles firing properly. I cannot thank them enough for helping me and my body to deal with the beasting I put it through.”


“Huge thank you to moose hall for getting me game-ready”

“Huge thank you to Moose Hall for getting me game-ready over the last few weeks. Clearing up my back pain, helping to release tightness in my hamstrings, calves and achilles tendons. They have got my back feeling great and ready to perform every weekend. They are an integral part of my preparation before, and recovery protocols after a game.”

I've seen many practitioners over the years but with Matt & Sam I can relax

I've had treatment from Both Matt & Sam- they are both great.
I've seen many practitioners over the years but with Matt & Sam I can relax without going into long stories of how it happened; they find the source of the problem and get me back on track each time.


“Before seeing Matt, I hadn’t had a pain free day for about 10 months. After regular adjustments and working on my posture, I never have to worry about day-to-day pain and am able to train the way I want to train. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for what Matt has been able to do for me.”

“When I first came in I was suffering from severe pain through my mid back. Since then, Matt has not only relieved the pain, it has totally gone. He has also given many pointers of how to keep the body in check and ways of preventing further injuries. My body is often under a lot of stress. I go and see Matt regularly, not only to keep on top of my aches and pains but to maintain my health and function. Through seeing him I feel like i’ve gained so many health benefits. I also feel like I’ve gained a good friend, which is an added bonus.”



“Over the past few years if you ask most people they would say I am renowned for always being injured. Many people thought I was crazy, but this season I decided to go back to rugby, and Matt has been a massive part of making sure this was possible.
Another reason that I feel Moose Hall will be a part of my life moving forward is that since visiting Matt in Portishead I have not had a migraine. In the sessions with Matt we have discussed all the factors that could trigger them alongside allowing him to adjust me. Great service and would recommend to friends, family and my members at the gym.”


“I can’t recommend Sam and the team enough.”

“I’ve been going to Moose Hall for chiropractic treatment for 5 months now and there’s not a headache in sight! I put my headaches down to dehydration and had no idea that having my neck adjusted could help so much It’s helping to keep my back in check too. It’s so important to me to remain fit and healthy. I can’t recommend Sam and the team enough.”


“I feel great. My posture has seen a significant improvement, and my back feels so much more stable.”

I first visited Matt for treatment on an old lower back injury. I had only ever visited a Chiro on occasions when the injury flared up. Having discussed this with Matt, he suggested that I come in for a course of treatment when I wasn’t in pain, to try and reduce the risk of the injury re-occurring. I did this, I feel great. My posture has seen a significant improvement, and my back feels so much more stable. I also had an achilles injury, which has been vastly improved. I will be visiting Matt on a regular basis from now on, and will make it a permanent part of my training and wellness schedule!”


“he loves going to moose hall!”

“Sam’s done an amazing job ensuring Giorgio’s functioning at his best for world level BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Regular treatments have meant ‘little niggles’ are resolved quickly. Best of all, he loves going to Moose Hall! Sam makes him feel very relaxed and he enjoys learning about how his body works.”


“thank you for looking after me”

“I’ve been visiting Sam regularly now for a while and it has made a huge difference to my well being. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I would highly recommend Sam and her friendly team. Thank you for looking after me.”


Cannot recommend Sam at Moose Hall enough. She has been fantastic when treating my 6 year old. She is so patient with him, taking the time to explain things to him in a way he understands.


“I’m even back line dancing!”

“When I first came to Moose Hall I couldn’t walk far, I was very unsteady and my mood was often low. I wondered at my age if anything could help. Since being adjusted, I’m walking everyday, my balance is so much better and i’m even back line dancing!


“Regular treatments keep my body functioning at 100%”

“Without regular adjustments from Matt at Moose Hall I wouldn’t be able to perform my daily tasks, let alone my passion the gym. He has been a miracle worker and I have learnt that Chiropractic treatment is not just for pain but also regular treatments keep my body functioning at 100%.”

Neave testimonial pic copy.JPG

'“Neave loves going to see Dr Sam”

“Neave loves going to see Dr Sam. It has helped her sleep and now she practices on mummy and daddy at home!

For me, I also hadn’t realised how much tension I carried in my upper back. Treatment has stopped my headaches and now I sleep much better.”


“I’ve been seeing sam since 21 weeks of pregnancy”

“I’ve been seeing Sam since 21 weeks of pregnancy after suffering terribly with pelvic pain. All I can say is thank goodness I was recommended Sam and Chiropractic treatment, as quite frankly, she’s created miracles! I was unable to walk freely or move without excruciating pain prior to my first visit. Having chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have meant that I can enjoy this special time again and run around after my daughter.”


“During a period of severe back pain, I was recommended by my GP to consult a Chiropractor. I began to see improvements in pain levels straight away. I swim for fitness and have also seen huge improvements in my swim times since commencing treatment, knocking off over a minute for a mile.”


“the treatment with matt has made walking a lot easier”

“It has been great coming to Moose Hall. The treatment with Matt has made walking a lot easier and kept me upright.”


“I’ve been visiting Sam since I was 5 months pregnant”

“I’ve been visiting Sam since I was 5 months pregnant. She has been amazing at keeping me pain free and mobile for work and family time.
I have also taken my daughter since birth and she is 6 months old now - she seems so much more comfortable after treatment.
We now just maintain regularly with Sam and it has made such a difference. The whole experience at Moose Hall is friendly and professional.”