Who Can Get Adjusted?


There have been many times in clinic where patients have said to us something like this “I would love my mum to come and see you, but I expect she’s too old for Chiropractic.”

But the truth is that nobody is too old or too young to have Chiropractic care!

Our Chiropractic training gives us the expertise to adapt the treatment we offer to suit each individual we see. At Moose Hall, we have treated patient as young as 2 weeks old, and as old as 94!

Our aim with every single patient is to help them achieve optimum health - but optimum health is different for each person. After carrying out a thorough examination in your first visit, we are then able to offer realistic expectations for you based on your individual circumstances when you return for your report of findings.

There may be factors other than age which lead people to assume that they may not be suitable for care, but as everyone has a spine and a nervous system, everyone is suitable to be adjusted!

At Moose Hall, we have adjusted people in wheelchairs, people with disabilities, people with chronic or terminal illnesses and for people following major surgery. The really important thing for us to do is carry out a thorough consultation prior to any treatment, so we can establish what will be safe and effective treatment for you.

If you are interested in finding out how Chiropractic can help you, call Moose Hall on 01275 409949.