What is Chiropractic?


When patients first attend for a consultation, they often say to us they aren’t sure if they are in the right place or if we will be able to help them. There is often an assumption that you only see a Chiropractor if you have a bad back, but this is the case because often people don’t actually know what Chiropractic is!


Chiropractic focuses on making sure we have a healthy spine and a healthy nervous system. The spinal cord is a pathway that allows communication between the brain and all parts of the body. If there is a mis-alignment or injury to the spine, the information being passed from the brain to the body may be disrupted.

The purpose of Chiropractic adjustments is to restore alignment of the spine. And we believe that when everything is aligned, the brain and body can communicate effectively and work in the way they are designed to. 

So Chiropractic doesn’t treat pain or symptoms – it focuses on correcting and underlying problem so that symptoms can subside and pain be relieved.


Many people may rule Chiropractic out or assume it’s not for them. They may have had a negative past experience or a lack of results, or been told that it ‘doesn’t work’ by a friend or family member. But there are actually many different types of Chiropractic, all with varying approaches and philosophies - so one past experience does not represent Chiropractic as a whole. It may just mean that you haven’t found the clinic or Chiropractor best suited to your specific needs.

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