What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?


A chiropractic adjustment is used by Chiropractors to restore spinal alignment to improve nervous system function. 

What does this mean? 

In simple terms, restoring the alignment of your spine means that the brain can more effectively communicate with the body, allowing you to move well, heal efficiently and improve your posture.

How is it done? 

On each visit, your chiropractor will check how your spine is functioning. If any of the joints are not moving well, they will apply a small gentle thrust to specific vertebrae. This will increase the mobility of the joint and and allow better function of the nerves around that joint.

Why is it done? 

These adjustments are carried out in order to improve and maintain the function of the spine and nervous system. This is to enhance the communication from your brain (the main controller of the body) to the body (every cell, organ, muscle and joint of the body). This means we can coordinate movements and postures better and we improve healing and organ function. 

What are the outcomes? 

Some clients use chiropractic to fix neck, back and joint pains. Many clients use chiropractic to improve sleep and increase energy levels. Most clients use chiropractic to improve overall health and wellbeing and maintain functioning at their healthy and happy best, full of life, smiles and energy. 

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