Workplace Chiropractic Treatments


We love working with local businesses to help them keep staff happy, healthy and free from pain.

Free On-Site Spinal and Posture Checks

We offer free on-site spinal and posture checks to businesses in the local area to help them keep their staff healthy, reduce staff sickness and increase productivity.

Headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain cause almost a quarter of all staff sick days in the UK. And all of these issues can be caused or made worse by poor posture, which is an increasing problem in office environments.

Carrying out spine and posture checks in the workplace means we are often able to assess people before they start to experience pain or symptoms. This enables us to recommend steps staff can take to address the underlying problems and in some cases actually prevent future health issues.

Arrange your Free On Site Spinal Checks

Find out more about our workplace Chiropractic checks, or call Matthew or Samantha on 01275 409949.